8 Influencing factors of Augmented Reality in Education
01 August

8 Influencing factors of Augmented Reality in Education

In education, Augmented Reality brings life to concepts of geography, wildlife, history and much more for children

The brain of a child is in developing stage from birth to age 5 as it produces millions of neural connections in every other second. So the early years of a child are substantial for growth as their brain has a unique way to process data and grasp a concept. Today, Children are more digitized, techno-friendly and smarter than ever. Making learning more interesting for kids, Augmented Reality is implemented in education and its results are phenomenal. In this technology-driven ecosystem, the interactive AR games can back children to understand the concept at their comfort level and perceive it for long.

Steady, but for sure, AR (augmented reality) will take over the world of education, impacting many institutions, industries, and businesses. According to a study, Indian AR/VR games market is expected to touch nearly $1billion by the year 2021. The gamification and toy market has embraced AR by making innovative toys that are immersing as well as an educational one. As a parent, if you are not aware of what AR is about, then it is the right time to know. 

Now the point is why to use Augmented Reality in Education?

Lack of attention and external distraction in children is common due to traditional learning methodology which results in low engagement and ultimately in poor results. It has been proven that we remember well what we see rather than listen or what we mug up. As the new generation is hooked with technology, it becomes imperative to introduce AR technology in the classroom that allows complete immersion and better understanding for students. Numerous forms of digital content like music, audio stories, 3D images, videos and a lot are put together to create a holistic experience for little ones. AR is gaining momentum all across the globe and at every level of education.

AR/VR games are successful around the globe because it’s not only an entertainment content but an authentic learning medium also. The technology is leveraged by unique benefits that cannot be overlooked.

  1. Affordable learning: AR educational games are affordable for schools and parents. AR technology saves investments on buying physical material for learning besides AR is accessible from any place and time.
  2. Leverage presentation- Here, teachers can incorporate this technology in their lectures for an integrated approach which makes it attractive for students and gains their focus. 
  3. Interactive lessons- Studying with AR educational games allow a two-way communication i.e. a complete involvement of students. It develops interest by engaging in the content and reinforce the learning.
  4. High retention and engagement- Technology is the best way to learn and AR is proving it so right. Children are inclined towards devices and making their screen time a productive one is the object behind inducing AR in education. Sound, motion, and pictures create interest and enhance engagement.
  5. Enhance intellectual curiosity- Augmented Reality is making the subjects fascinating like never before. Now students are more excited about new edu-tainment that enhance curiosity and develops their critical thinking. 
  6. Harness the impossible- It will always be exciting to see live solar system or animal kingdom in the classroom for students. AR games have the potential to create a breath-taking environment that makes learning more than fun.
  7. Microscopic or X-ray effect- The pioneer software designers have created the content material in a way that students can have a 3D or 4D view of any object. This helps in better understanding of the subject.
  8. Multi-sensory effect- Learning has reached above a book or a blackboard now. With AR educational games, a student puts three of his/her senses i.e. sight, sound, and touch. Here, the child will be more focused, get multi-sensory exposure that elevates the learning process.

In shaping the future of next-generation, the AR technology is playing a crucial role. The process involves image and information popped-out together from a workbook or AR worksheet. This also helps in completing assignments or homework whenever they need assistance.  This is one of the most effective tools for learning stands mandatory to have in our education system. These educational games for child contributing to holistic development and a must-have Edu-tech for little ones. Another matter of concern is safety. So the usage of Augmented Reality in education is completely safe for the kids when in operation with any guardian. 

Another pro of AR toys is the evaluation of every child is based on personal learning and skills that can be monitored well while teaching process. Today, schools and parents only need a smart device says tablets or smartphones and basic awareness about its use. And you will be amazed by the drastic changes happening around you. AR technology is improving every other minute and scope of its application will expand with the span of time.

Factors influencing Augmented Reality in Education.

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