Is Augmented Reality the future of learning?
23 March

Is Augmented Reality the future of learning?

The first story I heard from my mother as a child was the one of the hare and the tortoise where the hare and tortoise face a challenge and though the hare is considered to be the faster between the two, but hare fails in the end. The moral is what we all know that slow and steady wins the race. Age old story loved by all and followed as well to a large extent.

Now, comes the 21st century where the characters are the same but their characteristics and modus operandi has changed. Hare runs fast but the tortoise hires a monkey, sits on its back and comes first. Now you will think who is the real winner? Hare or the tortoise! That is what technology has landed us into. We cannot forget the age old dictums but the developments are happening at such a fast pace now that it is difficult for us to decide as to what we want our kids to become and which modus operandi to follow? Can we afford our kids to be slow and let them walk at their own pace? Definitely the answer is a big – NO!

Right from the toddler stage, we start dreaming of something huge for our children and for that we need some interesting and enticing brain improvement/memory improvement games which will help in developing the cognitive skills of the child. The solution is in the name of AR and VR flashcards made by RedChimpz,an edutainment company, which makesthem interactive and informative.

The usage of these educational flash cards will ensure that the child learns all about his/her environment through augmented reality solutions and is deeply involved with each of the well-defined characteristic of birds, animals, insects and aquatic life. The transition is fantabulous and very impactful because what a child learns through watching is not the same what you teach him/her through the books. No wonder, the old story has been revamped completely by RedChimpz.

RedChimpz is one name which you can bank upon when it comes to providing quality education to your child because the Team here has been working tirelessly in devising some excellent 3D flashcards for your child. So, use the cards once and feel the difference for whole life!!

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