An idea can change your life!!
23 March

An idea can change your life!!

Idea Cellular Services ran a huge advertisement campaign where they emphasized on the use of Idea services while using mobile phones. What exactly was their vision beyond this? Was it the SIM card or their services which they were trying to sell? No. They were just trying to tell you how deep Idea can penetrate into your lives for change transformation in a better way. The rest is history as we all know. Today, we all have cell phones and we use one or the other service provider. All these service providers have done one thing at large, which is common and that is revolutionizing the way we talk and interact.

Now, let us come to our tiny tots at home. We are a generation of parents who want the best for our kids and we strive hard to bring in the best of everything for our child. Ever thought what is that one IDEA that can really make a difference and give your child a different outlook? Well, that unique idea is called as 3D flashcards. Made by RedChimpz, an edutainment company, design and developers’ flashcards which are based on advanced technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). These educational flash cardshelp in your child’s memory development, analytical skills, and cognitive skills.

Once you bring a pack of AR flashcards, you will realize that it is a bundle of information which has been made very simple and easy through the best use of technology. The recognition to different animals, birds and insects will be very easy and more importantly, thesebrain active games are not only interesting but also educating.

Whether it is gifting the AR flashcards to a child or using it at home, these learning manuscripts can do wonders in shaping your child’s personality. So, harness the power of 3D flashcards and give an edge to your child personality.

RedChimpz has been working tirelessly in providing state of the art flashcards which will help in enhancing the overall growth of your child in terms of analytical and logical reasoning. These AR flashcards are definitely a unique idea to change the life of your little one. So, go and grab your idea fast!

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