Love for toys and transition to Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality toys!
23 March

Love for toys and transition to Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality toys!

Tell me one child who doesn’t love toys? The more the better! That is the dictum these little ones follow and put the parents in a soup every time they pass through Hamleys or Toys “R”Us.

Now tell me one thing, the toys which you buy are undoubtedly very colorful and fascinating but do they really add any value in your child development? The little one plays with it for a few days, gets bored and the craving for next starts. The cycle goes on and you are forced to buy cars, dolls, games and the list is endless.

I happened to visit a friend of mine who had brought an I-pad especially for her child, as she used to remain busy with household chores and devoting time with the child was a problem. Now, the poor little child had nothing much to explore, but the videos on YouTube and listen to the rhymes. The scenario might seem very familiar to most of us because that is what we do. Buy a new toy and let the child remain busy. But what value it adds is not what we think at this stage. The pace, at which development is happening has made it mandatory for us to ensure that the educational toys for kids not only serve the purpose of educating them but also giving them an edge over others.

That is what RedChimpz has been doing and is on a mission of revolutionizing the whole concept of toys and its uses. AR/VR toys made by the Team of RedChimpz will not only be loved by your child but will land him/her in a sea of information which will help in their overall growth and development.

Augmented reality solutions is the need of the hour when we know that are kids are glued to the gadgets and to make the most of the technology which they have in hand, it is important that something constructive is handed over to them.

It will be a win –win situation for parents and children, as their craving for something new and exciting will be satiated with the use of VR/AR flashcards and the parents will feel happy that kids are learning something unique and innovative.

RedChimpz is a multimedia company which has put its best foot forward to bring the benefits of AR/VR toys for your child. So,let the love for toys touch a different note this time!!

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